Together, we’ve raised over $3,800,000 to fight this bullshit disease.


But until cancer's done, neither are we.

It all started with one sentence from our Mom that we will never forget...

"I have cancer"

As you can imagine, this came as quite a shock. I mean, we were still in high school; We hardly knew what cancer was. Well, we knew what it was, we just had no idea what it meant.

Our mother fought a slow and painful battle with breast cancer. It was three long three years of surgery,  chemo and radiation treatments, with daily trips to the hospital or naturopath. She passed away right after her 50th birthday. It was almost a relief as she was in so much pain. We didn’t know where to go from there, but were lucky we had each-other.

We decided shortly after her funeral to start Twins Cancer Fundraising. Yes, we know the name sucks, but at the time that's all it was. Jamie wanted to walk 60km for cancer. Chris said forget it! Let’s throw a party!

Fast forward over sixteen years and here we are. What started as a small cancer fundraiser in our Dad’s backyard quickly grew into an annual event too loud and too large for Dad's neighbours to put up with.  Through a massive team effort of family and friends, Gone Country was created.

July 20th, 2018 marked our sixth year. We raised $651,000 for Canuck Place Children’s Hospice and local families fighting cancer in the Lower Mainland 

To date, with the help of our community, we have raised over $3.8 million to fight cancer and have roughly 250 dedicated volunteers.


Yep, we’re identical! (Usually the first question people ask).

We figured out at a very young age that whenever we worked together we would double the outcome. As kids we would always begin negotiations with Mom (she would cave first), then with her support, flip the pressure on Dad until we had our way. Whether it was being allowed to stay up late or having pancakes for dinner, we earned it together.  

We chose this cause in memory of our mother, who lost her battle with breast cancer eighteen years ago. Since then, we have lost our step-sister, our grandfather, as well as our great friend Shaun G. This has only added gasoline to our fire.

We are not going to stand idly by while it continues to attack the ones we love.

Your generosity and continued support is greatly appreciated.


– Chris & Jamie Ruscheinski aka The Twins